Jeffrey B. Johnston

Digital Content Director – Web Designer – Project Manager
Photographer – Force Protection Specialist – Freelancer

About Me

Personal Info

Name: Jeffrey B. Johnston
Date of birth: 11 July 1972
Nationality: American
Location: Nagoya, Japan
Skype: johnston.jb
Phone: +81 090-5003-2244

About Myself

I am looking to obtain a creative position in a people-oriented organization that will benefit from my photography, web design, digital marketing and sales experience in a challenging environment to achieve the company’s business goals.

My key strengths are in my unique problem solving methods and I work well in teams. I am passionate about web technologies and the digital industry along with its trends, so I am more than able to work in an online environment of constant change, challenge and multiple targets. With my background in strategic planning, development, execution and implementation, I have extensive experience of content strategy, targeting audiences, Paid Search advertising, SEO/SEM, copy writing, client satisfaction and working with a diverse team of co-workers.

Work Experience

Bigfoot Ventures

Content Strategist
Digital Marketing

2015 - 2016

Responsible for web site development & deployment of over 30 websites using WordPress CMS, HTML and CSS, focusing digital marketing projects. Edit content, define and implement brand voice, manage content and analyze user engagement by studying data on how the target audience engage with the content and shifting SEO/SEM strategies frequently to come up with ways to improve that engagement.

Use quantitative data gathered with web traffic measurement tools, traffic extracts, click streams and drill-downs to develop an understanding of customer behavior, demographics and lifecycle.



English Conversation Instructor

2012 - 2015

Responsible for helping students understand conversational English, to speak it and be able to write and read it. Duties ranged from the preparation of classroom and coursework materials, homework assignments, and handouts. I had to evaluate students’ class work and assignments and record and maintain accurate student attendance records and progress while advising students on career challenges with using English.

Along with class management and creating a vibrant teaching atmosphere, I would arrange several extra curricular activities and set real-life scenarios and targets for students to prepare them for study/work or travel abroad.


Content Manager
DTP Design & Layout

2012 - 2015

Managed business marketing and communications functions by working directly with small business owners to develop an online presence to defined and implemented brand voice. Conducted extensive research, investigations and interview on newsworthy events and drafted stories for publication in news magazine and online formats.

Developed web sites using WordPress, HTML, CSS, and JavaScrip; covered all aspects of launching website with direct brand management, PR, media relations, corporate positioning, product launches, advertising, sales collateral marketing. Upon assessing the needs, was able to create and maintain the website’s overall layout and content design to reach the target audience by analyzing user engagement and shifting SEO strategies frequently.

Military Exchange New Car Sales


Independent Sales

2011 - 2012

As an Independent Sales Representative (ISR), I represented Chrysler, Ford, and Harley Davidson on U.S. Military Bases in the Far East district of Japan. I was given a business model that has been refined over 50 years and has a proven track record of success. Emphasis was placed on active prospecting and promotions to generate sales leads. Responsible for very custom one to one service providing special ordered vehicles at pre-negotiated low prices several months to a year before delivery.

Daily Activities – The sales activities differ from a stateside car dealership where they might often have separate staff and find salesperson performing a narrowly defined task such as, greeting customers, present, close and make the delivery and have a separate F&I department. As an Independent Sales Representative overseas, I had to perform all these tasks, got compensated for them and developed the business skills that go along with them. Some of the daily task that I had to accomplish as a Sales Representative are outlined below but not limited to:

Active prospecting for new prospects – Military personnel rotate to and from the U.S. between every 1 to 3 years on average. This means I had an ongoing new supply of prospective new customers. It was my individual responsibility to come into contact with as many of these people as possible, establish a relationship and create interest in this sales program. I also had to develop and implement marketing promotions to assist my prospecting efforts.

Maintain the prospect management system, Sales Track – After meeting new prospects I had to use a proprietary program which allowed me to track, follow up with and keep prospects informed of our program information. This was a highly effective system that ensured me maximum closing ratios and income.

Present program and products – After meeting qualified prospects my goal was to set appointments to present the sales program and products in a way that addressed customers specific needs. Much of my training was focused on professional and effective ways to do this while thinking of the prospect’s needs first, last and always. The mark of a professional sales person.

Follow Up – This was a tail lights business and we didn’t get paid until the rubber meets the road. Therefore I had to continuously follow up on my sales to ensure that all requirements are satisfied to make a smooth delivery. I had dedicated support teams both in Japan and in the New York offices to assist me with this process.

Gaba Co.


English Conversation Instructor

2007 - 2011

Provided 40 minute man-to-man English conversation lessons of the highest quality. Customized lessons tailored to all students needs and goals using unique in-house teaching materials as the most effective way to get students speaking English. Prepared by knowing who and what you’re about to teach from checking student records and maintaining records after the lessons. Many are working professionals with aspirations of employing their English skills in business, but there were also hobbyists, homemakers, students, and travelers. Diversity to meet the needs of all, instructors with backgrounds as varied as the students.

Noribig Inc.


English Conversation Instructor

2006 - 2015

Responsible for helping students understand conversational English, to speak it and be able to write and read it. Duties ranged from the preparation of classroom and coursework materials, homework assignments, and handouts. I had to evaluate students’ class work and assignments and record and maintain accurate student attendance records and progress while advising students on career challenges with using English.

Along with class management and creating a vibrant teaching atmosphere, I would arrange several extra curricular activities and set real-life scenarios and targets for students to prepare them for study/work or travel abroad.


Event Photographer

2006 - Present

Freelance photographer specializing in shooting and editing various motorsports and fashion events for client websites and special events, athletic photography, model portfolios, business head shots and personal clients.

Technically proficient in camera equipment, lm, lenses, filters, and lighting and leveraged extensive knowledge of photography in operating cameras for promotional photo shoots, candid event shots, and documentaries/independent lm projects.

Oversaw all aspects of post-production, from editing digital content and using so ware to manipulate final picture to resizing/cropping, retouching images and color correcting to more closely match item to screen. Managed content and digital image database and uploaded images to existing websites.


US Army
(Military Police)


Force Protection

1994 - 2006

Distinguished 12 year management career promoted 4 times into positions of increasing responsibility within the U.S. Armed Forces, leading the planning, staffing, budgeting, technology, and operations of organizations throughout the U.S. and abroad with a reputation for meeting the most challenging organizational goals and objectives while maintaining budget limitations.

– Operations Management
– Program Development
– Inventory Management
– Training Development

– Personnel Administration
– Manpower Deployment
– Budget Administration
– Liaison Activities

US Army Awards
and Decorations


Management & Administration

Responsible for managing personnel, fiscal and material resources required to conduct successful operations in the United States and globally.

Wrote an operations manual that established job specifications and standards used by mid level managers to complete yearly employee performance evaluations.

Managed the daily operations of Training & Plans office responsible for providing all phases of personnel service support to 1,200 employees located throughout the US and globally.

Annually completed the review and approval of operational plans affecting the responsiveness of personnel to local and national emergencies.

Provided consultative services to dozens of agencies in the development and implementation of organizational plans and procedures in accordance with government guidelines and liaison with other department staffers.

Perform additional duties as an employment recruiter, which included sourcing and initial screening for suitable candidates, conducting telephone interviews and background reference checks.

Operations Management

As a consultant to a 1,200 employee complex organization managed and automated the Training & Schools Department, responsible for budgets, materials, and resources.

Responsible for the preparation of the training schedule for basic, refresher, and specialized training; provided training as directed; coordinating with the respective sections to determine training requirements; developing and maintaining contact with personnel or staff of qualified instructors for teaching classes; coordinating the educational programs of the department and its application to the accomplishment of organizational long and short term goals.

Assess current operations and submitted recommendations for implementation. Upgraded training curriculum and methods, cross-trained personnel in job duties resulting in lower supervision requirements and a significant cost savings in overtime.

Planned and managed individual training program for a 1,200 person multi-function organization. Developed and implemented remedial training program utilizing self-help learning centers and improved programmed training material. Program resulted in a 45% improvement in employee performance.

Personnel Management

Developed and implemented an equal opportunity action plan for organization experiencing sexual harassment within. Reduced sexual harassment incidents by 50% and grievances by 25%.

Analyzed violations of organizational code of conduct and administered disciplinary actions in accordance with published corporate guidelines.

Conceived, planned and directed professional development program for 150 employee organization. Program increased personnel retention by 25%.

Planned and conducted monthly Equal Opportunity Seminars for groups of employees working in a highly charged fast-paced environment. Seminar format was adopted as a model for use by other corporate agencies to identify and reduce potential discrimination incidents.

Force Protection

Served as an S3 Operations NCO for 10th Military Police Battalion (10th Mountain Division); advises the S3 Protection Cell Chief on Provost Marshal Operations, Anti-terrorism/Force Protection, Physical Security; responsible for the administration, operations, readiness, and training for the Protection Cell that includes CBRN and AT/FP; served as a member of the integrated 8th US Army Provost Marshal staff that proposes Military Police assets to support s-lands defense OPLANS/CONPLANS; incorporates Military Police and protection operations into US Forces Korea bilateral and unilateral exercises; maintains equipment in value of over $300,000.

At Echelons Above Corps, works closely with Operations & Intel (O&I) sections and the Area Damage Control Section (ADC) of a Rear Operations Center; coordinates with the Tactical Combat Force (TCF)(Infantry, Cavalry, Military Police) to defeat threat level I and II and to delay threat level III until a follow on force relieves them; coordinates MP response for crater analysis of MSR/ASR conduct or assist Combat Engineers with battlefield damage assessments; ensures TRPs are continuously updated and accurate; additional duty as Assistant O&I NCO if unit is on 24 hour duty; briefs Dignitaries/U.S. and Host Nation to include high ranking officer of Allied Military/Host nation or U.S. Military on current situation at any time.


Rio Salado College

2004 - 2006
Computer Science & Technology

Associate in Applied Science in Computer Technology on the use, application and technological developments of computers in a changing electronic environment. Course work is aimed at developing skills in the business or personal computing environment. Specifically, the courses provide instruction in the following areas: computer applications in the business environment and current trends and development in computers; graphical applications; electronic spreadsheets; database; word processing; and computer operating systems.

Web Design Course

User Interface

Studied about working with and designing personal or professional web pages. Focused on training in HTML/XHTML/CSS web development languages, web design and publishing, graphics design, multimedia technology, project management, and development of a portfolio.

Additional Education

February 2006
Basic Noncommissioned Officer Course

Consists of 4 weeks of supervised classroom and multiple performance evaluations. Phase I, which is a stand-alone common core, uses small group instruction process to teach the theory and principles of battle-focused common core training, leadership, consideration of others, and war fighting skills required to lead a squad sized element in combat.

October 2001

Military Customs Inspection Training

Consists of 80 hours of specialized classroom and field training to assist and cooperate with US and Foreign Host Nation’s Border Clearance agencies in halting the flow of contraband through military channels both into the US and Foreign Host Nations. Four written exams are administered covering Effective Management, Leadership, Administrative Procedures, and Problem Solving Analysis.

February 2000

Child Abuse Prevention/Intervention Techniques

Consists of 100 hours of specialized classroom and field training. Training was administered covering Advanced Investigation Techniques, Conduct Child Interviews, and Cyber-Era Crimes Against Youths.

April 1994

Primary Leadership Development Course

Consists of 270 hours of supervised classroom and field training. Four written exams are administered covering Effective Management, Leadership, Administrative Procedures, and Problem Solving Analysis.

My Skills

Personal Skills

  • Team Oriented
  • Flexible
  • Creative
  • Deligence
  • Reliability
  • Personal Integrity
  • Positive Work Ethic
  • Great Communicator
  • Rigor
  • Responsible
  • Funny
  • Labor








Profesional Skills

  • Google Analytics & SEO
  • Windows 8.1/10 & MAC OS
  • E-commerce Platform
  • WordPress CMS 4.5.3
  • Web Usability
  • Color theory knowledge
  • Good sense of Typograph
  • Photo manipulation skills
  • Motion Graphics
  • Photo Composition
  • Portrait Retouching
  • Video Editing
  • Adobe CS6 & CC 2015
  • MS Office Suite 2016

Software Knowledge


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Are you in search of a photographer or web designer with a proven track record of producing modern style web sites, getting photography assignments at world class events and with a background in web analytics that can boost traffic to your site to increase the number of customers, you’re in the right place.

I have worked on several start ups with venture capitalists and published over 30 websites as well as several of my own personal web sites: Shogunmaster Photography and COMSEC Media.

I am the Chief Editor of SPOT-Report Magazine — Japan’s Premiere Culture & Lifestyle Magazine on the Internet.

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